Saturday, 3 April 2010

Shopping mania!

I went a little mad on buying little things for future swaps, because I joined swap bot and have joined my max of 5 swaps as a newbie, one of them being a newbie stationery swap. Now I have plenty of paper to send to people, but the swap called for pens and pencils too, of which I have none, so I grabbed myself a veritable heap of bargains from Wilkos and am super excited to start sending things :D

In order for these wonderful gifts to be stored in a safe and easily identifiable place, I decided to make them a little box. Seeing as the Benji had just finished a box of cat food I instantly saw an opportunity to get stuck into it. Two hours later it was done. Although I did get a little carried away...

So I started with the box and I cut off all those sharp little jagged bits and bound them with masking tape so they wouldn't rip the paper. Then I proceeded to get happy with double sided tape and wrapping paper.

This mess ensued! You should have seen the bits of paper and ribbon on the floor!

This is a not very good picture of the finished box. I edged the box with white ribbon on the top and deep pink ribbon on the sides and then I had a brain wave as to how to cover up the fact the box didn't close perfectly and got a little ribbon happy. It was lots of fun and I will get a better picture of the box tomorrow.

I realise that my desk is a HUGE mess only days after organising my bedroom, but this is actually the product of the organising. Because all available space on the shelves has been put to better use I'm stuck with a huge pile of notebooks and papers that have no home :)

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