Tuesday, 6 April 2010


I'm so excited about the weekend being over. Seriously, there were too many days without post or a proper, working post office. I'm totally excited and on edge to get to the post office this morning to get my outgoings gon their way!

Outgoing mail:

I have this mix of cute cat and hand stamped letter paper going to the US

And I have this ridiculously cute letter also going to the US

I have these two cards going out for a city view postcard swap, both to the US

Either a whole day of mind numbing bank holiday films or lack of letter writing and
post office anxiousness made me go crazy on the back of the cards...

Click to enlarge and see what the chick is saying.

I'm fully aware that I'm all swapped out on swap bot and that I'm still waiting for my postcards to arrive on postcrossing and I'm already feeling the itch to write more letters, but I don't want to over commit myself with regular penpals. I know there are a lot of people in the blogging community who love to receive mail and leave their address on their blog, so I might just become a little post fairy and send people some random gifts of love!


  1. Cool outgoing mail. I love your letter paper and I really like the two cards you've send. Cool stuff.