Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Outgoing 30/03/10

So as I posted yesterday I took a trip to the post office to wish goodbye to my first set of post crossing postcards and here is what I sent...

A Taro Gomi DIY going to the USA

A Touristy card going to Germany

A lovely drawing of Parliament going to Russia

A london skyline going to The Netherlands

A card I bought an age ago that I love going to Finland

Along with a fat letter to Canada my desk looked like this after an evening of writing that made my hand ache a little, but it was a good ache :)

Ooh, I love a good stationery induced crazy mess :)


  1. I really love the first card :)! The other cards are cute too :)! Great choice!

  2. Thanks :) I spent ages colouring it in.

    Alot of people on postcrossing seem to request tourist type cards, but they aren't my favourite, well not pictures of London anyway!