Tuesday, 13 April 2010


I got an amazing parcel from Janet Store this morning, with a huge bundle of cards (one of which I got for free, thanks Janet!) and some cute, CUTE stickers. I also had two letters waiting for me, from Audrey in Malaysia and Darcy in New York. They were both great letters and I'm eager to reply :D

The awesome stamps on my parcel

More awesome stamps from Malaysia this time

My letter from Darcy, with equally pretty stampage. I also love
the little clouds she drew and the cute writing for my name :)

I also (finally) got the adds for one of my swaps: 10 things to be happy about. I really enjoyed decorating the cards, but the stupid gel pens never seem to dry 100% so they got a tiny bit smudged :(

I decorated the envies to match the inside of the cards

The inside and the 10 things I chose

The two pretties :)

I've totally run out of 97p stamps, which gets anything between 10.1 and 20g to anywhere in the world. A popular stamp!! The next bracket up is for 20.1 - 40g and it's a whopping £1.46!!!! I had to refrain from putting a second sticker sheet in my swap cards today because it put them over by a gram and would have cost me more than I spent on the cards AND stickers just to send :( Royal Mail is super expensive!

Also good news, I received my first two rating at swap bot and I got 2 x 5 and 2 <3's as well. I'm stoked :D

My bf was making a sandwich with Hungarian salami for lunch when I noticed he could make a face with the meat, so he did :D

I hope you've all had a great Tuesday x


  1. YAY! you got my letter. i know my letter was boring...LOL...but i promise things will get better...

  2. Seriously, your letter wasn't boring (it took me three times to type that correctly!) x