Thursday, 8 April 2010

Glorious Spring!

I am (once more) sitting in the garden as I update this. The temperature is warm, I'm sheltered from the wind, there are only a handful of small clouds in the sky and it's gloriously sunny :D

I've already been to the shop and posted my swap bot name postcards and a postcrossing postcard going to China. I had to buy a pritt stick to complete my ransom note swap, because I have a tonne of crafting materials in my house, but apparently, no paper glue. Strange!

This means I'll be making a second trip to the post office tomorrow, because I don't have a letter stamp to the states :( But on the upside, it means another picture post for tomorrow! :D

Here are my lovely posties mailed today (including decorations, yes, I love decorating the posties)

Align CentreThis is a postcrossing foldable post card going to China

The following are all my swap bot cards, front and back respectively:

I also heard from a few more people who would like to be my penpals, so I have even more reason to be excited every morning/afternoon/whenever the post man decides to turn up.

oooh, I got my ArtBox parcel this morning full of stationery goodies. As if I really needed more ;)


  1. Oh I love it when you know that there is a letter coming you are waiting for. It is cool when you are excited when the post man is coming. I am excited everyday as well :)!

  2. Oh Oh Oh, I know. I've got some parcels full of goodies coming too (things I've bought) and it's all great. I'm hoping my snail mail friends will help me curb my spending habits :)