Saturday, 24 April 2010

Outgoing pt 2

Outgoing Packages

Sweet and a Treat swap. I sent a really nice letter set, some loose
notecards and some little packs of sweeties.

Letter Set and stickers swap.

These are some of my favourite stickers, sent with the above swap.

Bubble machine prize swap. I sent a little helo kitty and little winnie
the pooh and 3 little owls as extras as my partner collects them.Oh and
a cute hello kitty letter :)

The 3 tiny vintage owls. I hope she likes them.


  1. Those owls are too cute :) I just found out my neighbor collects owls too!

  2. There are a bunch of owls in our spare room (which I comandeered as an office some time ago) that belonged to my sister, but she no longer wants them, so I'm spreading the love!