Sunday, 4 April 2010

Old Outgoing.

Since I decided yesterday to keep all of my mail blogs in one place, there was a letter I mentioned going to Canada that I posted on Tuesday.

You can read the full blog here, but here are the pics if you don't want to read my ramblings :)

This one is a little blurry because my camera is starting to die.

Here is a close up of the Address card I made for my new penpal :)

I hope you're enjoying Easter (if you celebrate). I'm a little frustrated that I can't post my handwritten goodies and I'm also impatient to know my post crossing cards reached their destinations. I think I'll be impatient and frustrated a little while longer!


  1. I love the paper you've used. And the idea with the address card is really cute. Cool thing :)!

  2. That card you've made is very neat! :) I love the little house. We've made a couple cards like that as children...but haven't touched the idea since then. Perhaps it's time to break out the construction paper! :)