Friday, 19 August 2011


Finally, I get off my ass and post some letters! Albeit, only two, but it's better than nothing.

I am actually on holiday... right now. I'm waiting for the bf to be ready enough to have breakfast so we can hit the beach and I can get in the SEA!

Postcards will be sent! xx

Wednesday, 6 April 2011


Remember I said I was going to catch up with my correspondence? Well, I didn't lie.

These all went out this afternoon.


Many a reply to many a country... ok, just 3 countries then :b

More to come soon people, I'm cutting through the pile! Weeheee!!!

6 Letters
1 Postcard

1 EU
6 NA

Tuesday, 5 April 2011


Well, I've been AWOL for nearly 6 weeks. I have been busy, as always, but have hadrly had a breath to get online and I haven't sent any letters (only 2 birthday cards to my mum and nephew)... Oh, and I managed to break my new camera :(

So no pics of fabulous letters either sent or received, but I'm hoping to make up for that rpetty soon!

I am off work today so I'm hoping to soak up some sun on the balcony while catching up with some correspondence. I'll even get my laptop fired up so I can take some webcam pics of the rpetties you have sent me recently.

I'm trying to improve myself on so many levels right now I feel a little lost... in amongst the positive thinking, the not drowning in pressure at work and trying to be organised, tidy, healthy, a good friend and girlfriend, I feel like I've lost myself along the way.

Now I'm going to pick up the pieces and mail copies of the best bits to you all :)

Thursday, 31 March 2011

March Stats


Letters = 0
Postcards = 0
Cards = 2
Packages = 0

Destinations of outgoing post:

Europe: 2
Africa: 0
North America: 0
South America: 0
Asia: 0
Australasia: 0

Monday, 28 February 2011

February Stats


Letters = 4
Postcards = 0
Cards = 0
Packages = 0

Destinations of outgoing post:

Europe: 2
Africa: 0
North America: 1
South America: 0
Asia: 0
Australasia: 1

Thursday, 24 February 2011


Sadly, these are pretty old pieces of mail (1-2 weeks old) but I feel like I've had no time to myself :( Since I had a tummy bug a couple of weeks back I've just felt so run down that I've been indulging in early nights and hardly go online for more than 5 minutes at a time. I'm such an old lady ;)


OMG! The best package ever, from the sweetest girl ever! (That's you Caiti) Me and the bf devoured these treats in around 18 hours. YUM!

The cutest little valentine from Micaela (heart) I adored the tiny heart shaped doily she enclosed too.


A bear+bear to my niece in Ireland, a bear+bear to Ilaria in the south of Italy and one of my favourite ever bears to Megan in Aus.

And a really lovely card I've held onto for years (but stupidly forgot to photograph) to Lyn in the States.

I haven't written a letter in a week and a half, but I'm hoping to get a few sent out this sunday or Monday, so keep an eye on your mailboxes peeps!

And now, in true old lady style, I'm going to hang up my clean washing to dry, brush my teeth and go to bed! I'm on my lonesome as the bf is in Germany :(

I hope you have a better Friday than I'm expecting xx

4 Letters

1 AU
2 EU
1 NA

Sunday, 13 February 2011

January Stats


Letters = 9
Postcards = 0
Cards = 0
Packages = 0

Destinations of Outgoing post:

Europe: 2
Africa: 0
North America: 6
South America: 0
Asia: 1
Australasia: 0


These actually went out on Monday last week... oops!

A letter to the lovely Muriah in response to her adorable Christmas card.

Cute teeny owls to Shelita in the States.

Some pretty sunflowers to Carla.

3 Letters

3 NA

Thursday, 20 January 2011

Uh Oh...

I want you to just have a quick look at this...

Like the numpty I am, I only thought to check the price for overseas post AFTER I posted those 6 letters yesterday.

To my absolute HORROR, the prices have inevitably gone up. Not just by a little, but have almost DOUBLED! Previously, to send to zone 2 (USA and most of Asia) it cost a mere 85c, now it's 1,60! And to Australia, it HAS doubled, from 1Euro to 2Euros.

Not only will this have a huge impact on my bank balance, but I am extremely worried about those letters I have just posted.

I know not all of my penpals read this blog, but if you do, and your letter is in the post below, please, please forgive me if you have to pay a postal charge at your end!

I am hoping they'll just send the letters back to me and I can repost them with correct postage, but that's wishful thinking I'm sure.

My deepest and most sincere apologies... xx

Wednesday, 19 January 2011


The incoming all reached me on Saturday of this week and the outgoing were posted this morning. Look at me go ;)


A very sweet Christmas card from Audrey.

A letter from the marvelous Megan.

A second letter from Shelita. Such a cute envie :)

A reply to a first letter from Ilaria in Italy, I hope she understands it, her letter was in Italian!

A reply to another first letter from Italy, this time to Erika.

A reply to Zoe in the States.

I LOVE Rilakkuma and this stationery is adorable, it's the first time I've used it in writing to Audrey in Malaysia.

A reply to Gina in the states.

Something for the newly wed Maxhams.

And where they all sit in the morning, on our key rack, so I don't forget to take them with me :)

6 Letters

1 Asia
2 EU
3 NA

Monday, 10 January 2011

Incoming - YAY!

I don't send Christmas cards, I feel a little bad about that when I happen to receive them. I received two pretties in the mail today and I actually love the fact that these arrived late (Thank YOU Poste Italiane!) because it brought a little holiday cheer to warm my heart. Today was the first day back to work, don't you know.

This light up Christmas card plays Jingle bells too and included a letter from the sweet Muriah.

This little cutie is from Jen in the states and has left me permanently covered in glitter...

No, really, it doesn't brush off! Not that I'm complaining ;)

And I'm sitting here with a glass of white wine, consoling myself because my baking experiment went terribly and now I don't have sweet things to feed my colleagues with. I mean, it's only been 4 months that I've been promising them baked treats... too much pressure perhaps?

Saturday, 8 January 2011


... A little.

I posted a fair few letters during the month of December but have only received one reply. I take this as a good sign as I often worry that my letters don't reach their destinations due to several factors, all involving Poste Italiane. But also a bad sign... an empty mailbox makes me sad.

Again, my lack of pictures kicks me in the butt as I don't even have a record of what I sent and when, so I cannot even console myself in that way.

My awful response to correspondence of late, doesn't exactly instill me with hope and I am sure there are some of my pen friends who will have given up on me, not convinced that I value their efforts enough to get my act together. I hope this is not the case, but I'm not so naive as to think my actions have no consequences.

I don't always deserve the beautiful post I receive, but I want to try and work toward deserving it more.

2011, a new year. A fresh start?