Thursday, 29 April 2010


I spent quite some time over the past two days putting together 'Random Envies' for a swap. The idea being that you fill a #10 business sized envie with lots of random flat things. Now, I don't have access to that sized envie without some complicated google work (HA!) so I just picked a padded envie I had here. I worried a lot about not putting enough in, but judging by the 'random envie' I received yesterday this is just fine.

I had to put together 3, but I only photographed one. All packs were pretty similar but papers, stickers, photos, sticky pad and posties all differed.

The Main contents of the packages, note cards, letter sets,
memo papers, postcards,envelopes, mini coloured pencils,
mini erasers, photographs, stickers, sticky notepad, tea
sachet, little bag full of goodies, tiny envie full of stickers.

A close up of the erasers, tea and stickers from inside the tiny envie.

A close up of the little bag full of goodies including die cuts,
paper flowers, tiny star charms, tiny star beads and tiny jingle bells.

I used felt pens to address the envelopes in big writing and had fun drawing on them:

This one was going to the UK, so I drew the swap bot envie instead.

I also spent a lot of time last night catching up on my letter writing.

Reply to Sam, Muriah and Ashley.

I actually wrote Muriah's reply on friday before leaving for Wiltshire, but I wanted to re-read the letter before posting and hadn't gotten to the post box until now :( And yes, that giant hello kitty head is actually an envie :D

Phew, I'm still exhausted from all that letter writing last night!! I'm eager to hear from people, so if you're a recipient of one of my letters, please feel free to let me know it reached you ok :)

3 Letters
3 Packages

5 NA
1 EU

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