Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Outgoing 30/03/10

So as I posted yesterday I took a trip to the post office to wish goodbye to my first set of post crossing postcards and here is what I sent...

A Taro Gomi DIY going to the USA

A Touristy card going to Germany

A lovely drawing of Parliament going to Russia

A london skyline going to The Netherlands

A card I bought an age ago that I love going to Finland

Along with a fat letter to Canada my desk looked like this after an evening of writing that made my hand ache a little, but it was a good ache :)

Ooh, I love a good stationery induced crazy mess :)

Tuesday, 30 March 2010


So today I made my trip to the post office in the pouring rain. I spent ages at the counter as the lady told me which stamps needed to go on which bits, I was sending to the UK, Germany, Finland, The Netherlands, Russia, The US and Canada. It cost me a bargainous £3.76, I was expecting a little more, but was quite pleased that it wasn't too expensive.

I took some pictures of my post box gifts last night, but my digital camera is on the way out so they are all pretty much out of focus :( I'll post them tomorrow.

I have the prospect of another penpal which excites me to no end! I'm off to see my friend's flat tonight and I'll be sure to rave about postcrossing to him and I'm sure he'll roll his eyes at me.

If I'm this excited now, what will I be like when the mail starts coming in??


Monday, 29 March 2010

1st post.

I'm excited, I'm a little bit of a blog-a-holic (I prefer reading them to writing them though) and I also love documenting things and I'm addicted to stationery, so this is like ambrosia to me.

Two nights ago I joined post crossing. I'm over the moon excited about it, because I love sending and receiving post, I absolutely love it, from picking out the stationery and ink colours to finally attaching a stamp and wishing it goodbye as it slips down the hole in the post box. Sigh.

So, this is going to be a record of my sent and received items through post crossing. Any other post will be documented in my personal blog. EDIT: I decided to just log all my ingoing and outgoing post here, it's easier that way :)

Unfortunately I couldn't send my first postcards as soon as I'd have liked because yesterday was a Sunday, so I went into London to meet a friend and bought a bunch of London themed cards instead. Tomorrow I'm off to the post office to get stamps for my little cards (and a letter to a new penpal) and I'm even more excited to start receiving too!