Wednesday, 7 April 2010

w00t! My first incoming :D

I got a postal surprise today. My boyfriend sent me an awesome card from France :D

He knows I love post and I've been banging on about post crossing and swap bot and new pen pals for most of the time he's been away, but he's back this evening (SQUEE!) He didn't think it'd get here before him, seeing as he forgot about the bank holidays (silly boy) but it did :D

My bf sends the best cards, not only do they usually have great pictures on the front, he normally either draws me something inside, or creates a little quiz for me. In this one he drew me a picture of the zombie proof fortified house we need to build if we want to survive a zombie holocaust. It's pretty neat (yes, my bf is a bit strange, but I love it)

Anyhoo here is the card:

I went into town today to get some bits and picked up these gorgeous storage boxes which were on sale. I got the small and medium ones to put paper and cards in, but I think I might go back and get the large one so I have somewhere to keep my incoming mail too.

The small box was only £1 and the medium one only £2!!! The large one (not pictured) was... you guessed it £3. That's the main reason I didn't buy it, but I think I may go back later this week.

I'm going to sit down and do some writing. I have my swap posties to fill out and new people to write to :D

Have a lovely evening everyone xx

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