Monday, 19 April 2010

Distance record.

I hunted down (well, googled it) a distance calculator and decided to work out the km of other received mail. With penpals, I don't know that my mail has arrived until I receive a reply, but I know which items have been received on swap bot so I'm going to do some adding :)

Letter to Muriah in Markham - 5687 km
Swap Bot postie to Alabama - 6867 km
Swap Bot postie to Pennsylvania - 5688 km
Swap Bot ransom note to Utah - 7849 km
Swap Bot card to South Carolina - 6512 km
Swap Bot postie to Australia - 16896 km
Post crossing postcard to The Netherlands - 474 km
Post crossing postcard to Germany - 818 km
Post crossing postcard to Michigan - 6016 km

Along with the other two already documented that means my post has travelled a total of 67,149 km :)


  1. I'm so glad you like the photo! I was a little worried I was picking one I liked but may not have universal appeal and since I am hoping to sell some (I don't need 100 myself, plus it is a little pricey to do!) it is great to hear that somebody else likes it too :) that is a lot of km of travelled mail, it would be interesting for me to calculate that but it's not really something I have thought much about in the past.

    Also keep an eye out if you like the cards- I may hold a giveaway for some when they arrive :)

  2. I really do love the picture, it's a really lovely photo. ooh, exciting giveaway <3