Sunday, 11 April 2010

Handmade Stationery

I've noticed that on a lot of stationery swaps there is a specific request for no handmade stationery. I can understand why... I imagine some people might just stick a sticker on a sheet and call it handmade, or your partner might spend a significant amount of money on nice letter paper for you and you send along something not quite up to scratch.

However, I have recently realised how much I like making things and while writing letters last week and struggling to find some more sober writing paper I found an incomplete set of rainbow spectrum paper. I also have a packet of pink envelopes (and have now found the paper to go with them). I decided to store them for later use, but after hand-stamping some plain white paper to go with my kitty paper I decided to give it a go oon the rainbow paper.

I really liked how it turned out, it's simple but adds a little something I think. I decided to go with the "Hello" theme because it was intended for use as an introduction letter, but now that I've started I'm quite keen to stamp some more. Perhaps with sayings or quotes? I don't have any picture stamps, but I have made my own stamps in the past, so maybe this is an option too? I'm enjoying playing around with new things. Let me know what you think of my first attempt :)


  1. A few time ago I made a post about handmade stationery and ideas to make it as well as the steps, with photos, but I didn't publish it yet. In last Christmas I made this

    I don't buy stationery because first there are shops around my place to buy it and second, I don't have a job yet and I can't be spending money with unnecessary things, and third I like to make my things or sometimes even pick some plain paper, I don't like to feel that stationery is an obligation.

    Thank you for showing your idea and for posting about handmade stationery.

    Much love and lovely Sunday,

  2. I totally agree that fancy stationery is not an obligation, however, I'm totally addicted to paper products. I have so many letter sets and cards and post cards and notebooks and address books and the list goes on!

    It is really satisfying to make your own stationery and I really loved the post you shared, the holly came out wonderfully :)