Friday, 30 April 2010


So, now that you have had the pleasure of viewing what the post box saw today, take a peek at the my letter box saw today (apart from me squealing like a child for several minutes)

Seriously, this lady is amazing, this snail is freaking AWESOME!

As if that wasn't enough I found all these treats inside!! This was my treat and a sweet swap, I got a note card set, a note pad, several pieces of lovely paper, an adorable mini clip board (perfect for writing my A5 letters on) a pencil AND sweets. I was well and truly spoiled and I hope her partner was as kind!

I also received my letter set and sticker sheet swap today. I got all these lovely papers you see here, that CUTE sticker sheet and at the very far end of the pic you can see something navy blue with a hippo sticker on, which is a little folder to keep letters in. I'm going to use it to store my bits to be sent and letters to reply to (before they get stored away in a special pretty box (: )

I received this lovely postie from the US for the quotecard postie swap the quote is as follows:
"An individual has not started living until he can rise above the narrow confines of his individualistic concerns to the broader concerns of all humanity" - Martin Luther King Jr.
Food for thought indeed :)

I got this card from the States as part of the 'Huh?' postie swap.
Seriously... I don't get it.

This awesome postcrossing card came from Japan, the lady told me a little about her cat called Sora which means sky in English. It's a pretty name don't you think?. That cat is freaking awesome, I love it :D

This was by far my favourite postie of the day though. I laughed aloud for a good couple of minutes when I saw it. In fact I'm acutally chuckling now while typing. heh. I need to find a great place to stick this up in my room so I see it when I wake up and therefore wake up with laughter. I love it!!

And last but not least I have this amazing card from my beloved. It was filled with typically 'him' prose and he drew a magazine cover inspired by a 'Nuclear war skills and survival guide' he was reading. It's freaking* hilarious and I love it.
And him.

Even typing out this post has gotten me all excited again about my amazing mail day. To have received just any one of these great things would have been fantastic, but to get all of them in one day? I'm a very lucky girl and I no longer mind that it's a bank holiday weekend, because I have this amazingness to see me through :D

A huge thank you to everyone who contributed to
my amazing mail day, week, month and thank you
in advance to all those who will contrubute further.
I you all

* Yes, I do realise I've said 'freaking' several times in this post, in real life I would use the eff word when I get over excited (I swear like a sailor) but I don't want to offend, plus I'm tired so my vocabulary seems to have waned. Forgive me dear readers xx

Mostly Outgoings.

Oops! It seems I inadvertently digged my pen pal readers in the ribs with my comment about letters yesterday. I didn't mean for that to happen, I was just voicing my longing (although, if I say I'm longing for a million pounds, does that mean they will magically find their way through my letterbox??)

Something I didn't post about yesterday was my tea book, I received my very own tea book yesterday from the lovely Stacy, who was very sellotape happy and it meant I was like an impatient child on christmas morning desperately trying to get inside the most interesting looking and well wrapped present in the pile. I wasn't disappointed, it was full of beautiful smelling teas, which I have yet to try because I'm still ill and don't want to miss any of their flavour. She also put a little note into each pocket, including a hand crafted brain teaser! I was also gifted a tiny little handprinted kawaii note book and a pack of chewing gum - I love trying chewing gum from different countries, you get all these strange flavours and different textures, YUM! Basically I was spoiled. Yup, well and truly spoiled.

Here are a couple of pics:

The outside of the tea book (it had loads of sanrio :D )
and the tiny little notebook Stacy made for me.

Here is an overview of all the tea and little notes inside the tea book!

And as if that wasn't enough... I had the most AMAZING mail day to date today. Seriously... but more on that later.

Here are my outgoings for the day:

I'd been waiting an age for the bits to arrive for this and now
it's sent! A sushi themed matchbox swap. I'll post more on this
in detail on the weekend.

A Cookie themed matchbox filled with my favourite cookie recipe.
Again, I'll post in detail about that in a couple of days.

For the Huh? Postie swap going to the US.
We had to send a postcard that we just didn't get, no matter how
long we stared at it... it just makes you go 'Huh?'

My second 'Huh?' postie. I realised when I wrote on this that I've
actually had it for 10 YEARS!!! I'm so glad I got to post it :)

This is a post crossing card going to Poland. I wrote a little bit of
Tower of London lore on the back :)

A postcrossing card going to Germany.

A postcrossing card going to Alaska!

A reply to my postie from Indonesia

And finally a small gift to a lady in the states I've never met before.
There was a request for nice post to be sent by a friend of hers via
swap bot. The lady in question was recently diagnosed with cancer
and is currently undergoing chemotherapy, so I was happy to send
her these bits, even though those pics are some of my favourites.

So... *phew* that was my outgoings for the day. My incomings get their very own post because they were so fab. Plus, I don't want to dull your senses with too many pictures at once!

1 Letter
6 Postcards
2 Packages

5 NA
2 EU
1 AS

Thursday, 29 April 2010


I had some more lovely incoming mail today, all postcards. (I'm kind of longing for a lovely long letter to read)

A Postcrossing card from Taiwan

A Private swap from, yep, you guessed it, Indonesia

And another private swap from Japan

I really enjoy looking at the stamps on mail from other nations. I've had some particularly nice ones from Asia and North America recently. I normally feel that our stamps here in the UK tend to be a bit boring, at least on my mail, because I always get given the Queen's head and the price.

I have a thoery as to why... I went to the post office at my usual time, but there had been a) less customers or b) a recent delivery of pretty stamps. As the lady was serving me I noticed that in her book she had a sheet of pretty stamps on top of the sheets of 'normal' stamps. I guess they have a certain number of pretty stamps in their books at the start of each day and just work through them or something? I'm going to test my theory by going to the post office super early next time I need to buy stamps :D

Basically, I'm happy that my post got pretty stamps finaly. Even the 1st class stamps had pictures of dogs on them and the 81p stamps had Queen Mary on them, although I didn't look close enough to see which Mary she was. Mary Tudor I guess. And I think I may have to do a post featuring my favourite stamps from around the world, maybe tomorrow? :D


I spent quite some time over the past two days putting together 'Random Envies' for a swap. The idea being that you fill a #10 business sized envie with lots of random flat things. Now, I don't have access to that sized envie without some complicated google work (HA!) so I just picked a padded envie I had here. I worried a lot about not putting enough in, but judging by the 'random envie' I received yesterday this is just fine.

I had to put together 3, but I only photographed one. All packs were pretty similar but papers, stickers, photos, sticky pad and posties all differed.

The Main contents of the packages, note cards, letter sets,
memo papers, postcards,envelopes, mini coloured pencils,
mini erasers, photographs, stickers, sticky notepad, tea
sachet, little bag full of goodies, tiny envie full of stickers.

A close up of the erasers, tea and stickers from inside the tiny envie.

A close up of the little bag full of goodies including die cuts,
paper flowers, tiny star charms, tiny star beads and tiny jingle bells.

I used felt pens to address the envelopes in big writing and had fun drawing on them:

This one was going to the UK, so I drew the swap bot envie instead.

I also spent a lot of time last night catching up on my letter writing.

Reply to Sam, Muriah and Ashley.

I actually wrote Muriah's reply on friday before leaving for Wiltshire, but I wanted to re-read the letter before posting and hadn't gotten to the post box until now :( And yes, that giant hello kitty head is actually an envie :D

Phew, I'm still exhausted from all that letter writing last night!! I'm eager to hear from people, so if you're a recipient of one of my letters, please feel free to let me know it reached you ok :)

3 Letters
3 Packages

5 NA
1 EU

Wednesday, 28 April 2010


The combination of not posting anything while the planes weren't running and being away from home last weekend has really thrown me out of synch. I haven't posted about any incoming mail for a while and I'm totally behind with letter writing. First things first... incoming :)

Friday's Post - I was lucky enough to get two letters in one day! :D

A lovely letter fron Ashley in Maine, I love the little flowers she stuck on the envie :)

A letter from Sam for an intro letter swap, the stamps are really pretty.

Saturday's Post (I had loads of it!)

A really fun Postcrossing card from the States

A beautiful and informative Postcrossing card from Poland

A Quartered postie for a swap (I got this one because of the reptile/dragon - YAY!)

Swapbot name Postie

10 things to be happy about swap with a really cool envie and writing

A really cool postie for the Nude postie swap

Tuesday's Post (FIVE postcards :D )

A postcrossing card from China with awesome stamp usage... see below too

A non-touristy postie for a swap. This character kinda creeps me out... but I like that weird factor :)

A Quartered postcard for a swap

Another quartered postie

And the only quartered postie that didn't make it here complete. The other 3 recipients got theirs ok and I'm really sad because she cut the cards diagonally which would have been really cool. The base postie is pretty strange and interesting though. It's such a shame it didn't reach me here in one piece... I think the royal mail employees picked it to pieces :''(

Today's Post

An awesome postie from Taiwan (Private Swap)

Complete with really cool stamp :D

A Random Envie for a swap complete with several 1p stamps, heh

The stationery inside the envie

Part 2 of stationery inside random envie

And that is the huge amount of incoming I received in the past week!! To be honest, I think I've missed some... I'll have to double check. I need to come up with a filing system for incoming post. I may just have to buy some more storage boxes, heheh

Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Outgoing pt 4

Now that Caiti has received her package (super fast post going on at the moment!) I'm free to post pics. As a thank you for the awesome photos she sent, I put together a pack of various types of stationery.

There were lots of letter sets, coloured and themed.

A bunch of notecards and a handful of postcards.

And finally some handmade envelopes.

I actually bought the book these came from before I found out that
Caiti loves sharks, so I knew these were meant for her :)