Friday, 30 April 2010

Mostly Outgoings.

Oops! It seems I inadvertently digged my pen pal readers in the ribs with my comment about letters yesterday. I didn't mean for that to happen, I was just voicing my longing (although, if I say I'm longing for a million pounds, does that mean they will magically find their way through my letterbox??)

Something I didn't post about yesterday was my tea book, I received my very own tea book yesterday from the lovely Stacy, who was very sellotape happy and it meant I was like an impatient child on christmas morning desperately trying to get inside the most interesting looking and well wrapped present in the pile. I wasn't disappointed, it was full of beautiful smelling teas, which I have yet to try because I'm still ill and don't want to miss any of their flavour. She also put a little note into each pocket, including a hand crafted brain teaser! I was also gifted a tiny little handprinted kawaii note book and a pack of chewing gum - I love trying chewing gum from different countries, you get all these strange flavours and different textures, YUM! Basically I was spoiled. Yup, well and truly spoiled.

Here are a couple of pics:

The outside of the tea book (it had loads of sanrio :D )
and the tiny little notebook Stacy made for me.

Here is an overview of all the tea and little notes inside the tea book!

And as if that wasn't enough... I had the most AMAZING mail day to date today. Seriously... but more on that later.

Here are my outgoings for the day:

I'd been waiting an age for the bits to arrive for this and now
it's sent! A sushi themed matchbox swap. I'll post more on this
in detail on the weekend.

A Cookie themed matchbox filled with my favourite cookie recipe.
Again, I'll post in detail about that in a couple of days.

For the Huh? Postie swap going to the US.
We had to send a postcard that we just didn't get, no matter how
long we stared at it... it just makes you go 'Huh?'

My second 'Huh?' postie. I realised when I wrote on this that I've
actually had it for 10 YEARS!!! I'm so glad I got to post it :)

This is a post crossing card going to Poland. I wrote a little bit of
Tower of London lore on the back :)

A postcrossing card going to Germany.

A postcrossing card going to Alaska!

A reply to my postie from Indonesia

And finally a small gift to a lady in the states I've never met before.
There was a request for nice post to be sent by a friend of hers via
swap bot. The lady in question was recently diagnosed with cancer
and is currently undergoing chemotherapy, so I was happy to send
her these bits, even though those pics are some of my favourites.

So... *phew* that was my outgoings for the day. My incomings get their very own post because they were so fab. Plus, I don't want to dull your senses with too many pictures at once!

1 Letter
6 Postcards
2 Packages

5 NA
2 EU
1 AS


  1. I love seeing the domino effect that Dorothy's photos are having. I've sent them to some lovely people who are in turn, finding others to send some of them to. In her own way, Dorothy is a way to brighten the day. It really makes me smile.

    When I get a job again (someday!) I'd like to send out a few more Dorothy-photo packages. Maybe even get some of them to China, Russia, and beyond! :)

  2. I wrote to the recipients of Dorothy's photos and explained the nature of their origin :)

    Fingers crossed for you on the job front sweetie x