Friday, 9 April 2010


Well, I'd already cut my letters and today I sat down with my glue stick and compiled my funny ransom note for a swap.
The items held at ransom are specific to my partner as she loves disney things and has a Mickey Mouse collection. Also, Jell-o was named the official state snack of Utah, hence the payment. It was really fun to do, even though it took me an age to think of what to actually put in the note.

I decided to stamp the address on the envelope to make it more anonymous and I like how it turned out.

It's warm again today, even though it's cloudy, so I'm in the garden and the cat is sitting next to me :)

I'm going to sit down and write some letters today. I was going to venture to Ally Pally, but the sun disappeared and I wanted to save that trip for a sunny day so I can take some pictures. I joined an intro letter swap so I'm going to pick out some nice paper and write that :)

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