Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Outgoing pt 4

Now that Caiti has received her package (super fast post going on at the moment!) I'm free to post pics. As a thank you for the awesome photos she sent, I put together a pack of various types of stationery.

There were lots of letter sets, coloured and themed.

A bunch of notecards and a handful of postcards.

And finally some handmade envelopes.

I actually bought the book these came from before I found out that
Caiti loves sharks, so I knew these were meant for her :)


  1. that's a gorgeous package :D she was really so insanely generous with her photo sending.

  2. Wow, so nice. I would love to get such a cute package as well :)! Stationary is so wonderful :)!

  3. Zoe - yes, she was very generous, which prompted my huge package :)

    Fabi - I love stationery and didn't realise how much I had until I put together these packages. I can't wait to receive my stationery swaps in return! :)

  4. I love love love the shark envelopes most of all! :) The hammerhead is being selfishly kept...though I should probably put it to use in some form. Perhaps when I have an office setup...

    Thank you again for all the stationery though! =D

  5. Just keep it, that's what I'd do :b