Thursday, 29 April 2010


I had some more lovely incoming mail today, all postcards. (I'm kind of longing for a lovely long letter to read)

A Postcrossing card from Taiwan

A Private swap from, yep, you guessed it, Indonesia

And another private swap from Japan

I really enjoy looking at the stamps on mail from other nations. I've had some particularly nice ones from Asia and North America recently. I normally feel that our stamps here in the UK tend to be a bit boring, at least on my mail, because I always get given the Queen's head and the price.

I have a thoery as to why... I went to the post office at my usual time, but there had been a) less customers or b) a recent delivery of pretty stamps. As the lady was serving me I noticed that in her book she had a sheet of pretty stamps on top of the sheets of 'normal' stamps. I guess they have a certain number of pretty stamps in their books at the start of each day and just work through them or something? I'm going to test my theory by going to the post office super early next time I need to buy stamps :D

Basically, I'm happy that my post got pretty stamps finaly. Even the 1st class stamps had pictures of dogs on them and the 81p stamps had Queen Mary on them, although I didn't look close enough to see which Mary she was. Mary Tudor I guess. And I think I may have to do a post featuring my favourite stamps from around the world, maybe tomorrow? :D


  1. akkkkkkkkkkk! i promise a long letter will be in the mailbox tomorrow for you....

    wonderful postcards!!!!

  2. I swear I wrote you a letter in response to your amazing envelopes and things - and the sweet sharks! So, that should be coming very soon! I couldn't exactly recall it this morning...but I'm going "Hmmm...I think I wrote her back...I know I did...because I said I wasn't using her own stationery on herself because of some reason or another..."! hehe

  3. Marina and/or Camilla, thank you, I love them too! :)

    Hey, Darcy, it's cool, don't rush it. That's what pen pals are all about, take your time, write me a fantastic novel of a letter if you want, but don't worry about it taking a while ;)

    Caiti, I do that too, that is why I photograph everything because otherwise I'd never know what I'd sent and what I hadn't. I hope your letter comes tomorrow, otherwise it's going to be stuck in the bank holiday post :( I hate bank holidays (only because I don't have a job though)

  4. Can you not request specific stamp designs when you go to your post office to buy stamps? That's what I do over here. Sometimes the clerk doesn't have the stamps I want, but I keep up with the stamp releases and know when something in particular is coming out. I have seen a lot of AWESOME stamps from the UK (those mythical creatures are amazing, as are the James Bond stamps) but you might have a different purchasing system. I contemplated buying the mythical creatures postcards on the Royal Mail website and having them shipped all the way over here (decided against it, too costly) and from that I know that you can buy stamps online, too.