Wednesday, 28 April 2010


The combination of not posting anything while the planes weren't running and being away from home last weekend has really thrown me out of synch. I haven't posted about any incoming mail for a while and I'm totally behind with letter writing. First things first... incoming :)

Friday's Post - I was lucky enough to get two letters in one day! :D

A lovely letter fron Ashley in Maine, I love the little flowers she stuck on the envie :)

A letter from Sam for an intro letter swap, the stamps are really pretty.

Saturday's Post (I had loads of it!)

A really fun Postcrossing card from the States

A beautiful and informative Postcrossing card from Poland

A Quartered postie for a swap (I got this one because of the reptile/dragon - YAY!)

Swapbot name Postie

10 things to be happy about swap with a really cool envie and writing

A really cool postie for the Nude postie swap

Tuesday's Post (FIVE postcards :D )

A postcrossing card from China with awesome stamp usage... see below too

A non-touristy postie for a swap. This character kinda creeps me out... but I like that weird factor :)

A Quartered postcard for a swap

Another quartered postie

And the only quartered postie that didn't make it here complete. The other 3 recipients got theirs ok and I'm really sad because she cut the cards diagonally which would have been really cool. The base postie is pretty strange and interesting though. It's such a shame it didn't reach me here in one piece... I think the royal mail employees picked it to pieces :''(

Today's Post

An awesome postie from Taiwan (Private Swap)

Complete with really cool stamp :D

A Random Envie for a swap complete with several 1p stamps, heh

The stationery inside the envie

Part 2 of stationery inside random envie

And that is the huge amount of incoming I received in the past week!! To be honest, I think I've missed some... I'll have to double check. I need to come up with a filing system for incoming post. I may just have to buy some more storage boxes, heheh


  1. Wow, nice incoming :)! I love the postcard from the USA :)! It is a funny one :)!

  2. Yeah, I love it too. The sender explained it all to me, he even told me the sausages names! Maybe I'll post about it :)