Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Imcoming/Outgoing - Happy post day :)

The post man arrived a little later than usual today, I got some bits for the sushi matchbox swap, I also received 1 postcrossing postie from Finland with the most amazing stamp showing the Northern Lights and I got 3 swap bot posties.

Postcrossing postie from Finalnd

City postie swap

'My swap bot name' postie swap from the US

Another swap bot name postie, again from the US.
I think this card is hilarious!

As for my outgoing, I wrote a letter to Candi last night and posted it this morning without taking a silly picture. I'll have to recreate the stationery used for a dummy picture. I'm kicking myself!

I had to make an emergency post office trip this morning, it's their half day today and I was in desperate need of stamps. I bought 20, but have a feeling they are going to disappear quickly. This is one of the reasons... I joined a 'quarted postcard swap' on swap bot, you have to take 4 postcards, quarter them and make 4 new cards with one piece from each original. It was loads of fun to do, but it meant the postage was bumped up to the next bracket making it espensive :( Here is my end result.

I also wrote a couple of letters in reply to my two received yesterday. Beware Darcy, if you're reading this your letter is here so don't read any further if you don't want to spoil the stationery surprise!

A reply to Audrey in Malaysia

A reply to Darcy in NY


  1. Oh I love your letters. The letter paper is amazing and your writing is really beautiful.

    The postcards are really nice :)!

  2. Thank you Fabi, I don't like my writing that much, it gets really messy after a while :(

    I'll be sure to pop you a surprise in the post one day... when you're least expecting it! x