Monday, 12 April 2010

JOY! Incoming

I squealed with excitmement for about 3 or 5 minutes this morning because I got my first incoming letter!! It came from Brianne from North Carolina and I was so excited to receive it that I wrote a reply straight away and stuffed it in the mail this afternoon. I'm even more excited than you could possibly imagine... I've started the amazing chain of sending and receiving letters again and it feels great :D I've written a few intro letters as you've seen, but to write a reply is something even more exciting to me! I also sent an intro letter for swap bot, which I actually wrote a couple of days ago and it's going to a fab sounding lady in Canada.

My first incoming from a new penpal

My outgoing to Brianne, I couldn't bear to put an address on
the pretty picture to the front of the envelope.

This is my outgoing intro for swap bot, I love this envie, it's adorable.
The only strange thing I'm finding with all my new Q-Lia + Kawaii stuff is the line
labelled 'name:' comes below the space for the address. Strange.

Happy happy days :)


  1. Cool mail :)! I love your envelopes and the one you got looks nice as well =)!
    That the name comes under the address is something I never understand as well. Maybe someone from Korea or so is reading here and can explain it to us.

  2. Thanks :)

    Maybe we'll never find out about the address... maybe it's just the way they do it?

  3. Well the address is the most important thing, so isn't that hard to understand why it comes in first place. There are several rules in each country, like an example, in Portugal, both addresses have to be in the front side of the envelope and the stamps above the address to who we are sending the letters.

    The envelope with the cats is cute!


  4. Oh wow, I love little rules like that! And i suppose you're right that the address is the most important thing.

    Thanks for sharing your wisdom :D

  5. I think it has to deal with each country stuff, so I like it too, but I don't like that much when an envelope is really big and there are just my address in the front and nothing more, I guess I turned used to Portuguese rules, and I like to see the front side full of things :D Anyway, mail is pretty with the personal traces of each person!