Tuesday, 26 October 2010


Oh my goodness! Could it be? ANOTHER post so soon?!

I kid you not dear readers, I have written TWO more letters and received two letters today, so no matter how proud I am at getting back into writing and no matter how fabulous it was to find the pretties in my mailbox, I can't help but think of the pile of mail I have to reply to and how todays mail just cancels each other out.


SO pessimistic. I'm not a true sagittarian, that's for sure ;)


The little pink one is my very first letter from Italy! A first letter from Erika, written in Italian which was a real test or me! The little cute black one (I have that stationery too!) is a reply from Fabi in Germany :)


This little piggy went to Carla in America!

And the cat cat cat is off to Canada to Muriah.

I'm hoping for another couple of letters to go out this week. Fingers crossed ;)

2 Letters

2 NA

Monday, 25 October 2010

Outgoing! YAY!

I have had little time for posting, little time for the internet at all to be honest. In the past week I've been online only twice and mostly to check emails and catch up with all your lovely blogs.

Aside from the usual mundane things like working and adding to our flat, I've been writing! Now I just need to get my arse in gear and post the little pretties. I'm hoping to write another two this week. I'm not going to push myself because we have a lot of things to do at home before Friday when we GO TO VENICE! WOOOOO!!!!!


So slowly but surely, I'm working my way through my pile. I have a few incoming that I haven't recorded on here. I need to do so, as well as updating my outgoing figures which are lagging behind. Oops.

Dear readers, I know you shall forgive my sporadic posting, my inability to update my blog info correctly and my terrible tardy replies, because, after all, we are all merely human :)


A reply to Candi in Australia.

A reply to Zoe in the States.

A second letter to Gina in the States.

A reply to a first letter from Rosemary in Canada.

And finally a reply to Sarah, in the States.

I contemplated taking a pic of me to show off my new wrap around and super warm scarf, but I'm looking half dead after a ridiculous morning of transport problems, getting soaked twice and a hard day at work so, I'll leave it for now ;) But you can see a bit of my messy hair, part of the headboard of my bed and our fantastic blue wall in the bedroom... what more could you want eh?

As a random ps, my hands are suffering greatly from the cold, excessive washing at work and the use of hand sanitizer gel, does anyone have some good tips for something quick and easy just to perk them up and get a bit of moisture back into them? I know I need to take better care of them, but alas, I have no beauty regime anymore and forget to moisturise anything more often than not :(

5 Letters

1 AU
4 NA

Sunday, 10 October 2010


Do you remember in my last post I pledged to get three letters posted by Monday? Well, YAY for me, because I did it ;) I may even indulge and write a fourth one today!

I still have 12 letters to reply to and 3 postcards to send, so thank you once again for your patience :D

I've found that now I'm not sleeping on the train so much I can actually write letters during that small space of time to myself. It does, however, mean, that every so often, my writing gets a little crazy thanks to the movement of the train, but I'm sure you all understand ;)


A lovely and unexpected first letter from Sheilta in the States.

An equally lovely letter from the fabulous Darcy.


A letter to Michelle in Singapore. She sent me the amazing Kawaii package I most recently received.

A reply to the sweet, sweet Audrey in Malaysia.

And finally a reply to my niece in Ireland.

I've had a lot of fun with stamps because I'm finally running out of exact value stamps so I've been decorating the envies with a multitude of stamps, which has made me happy to no end!

I'm currently sitting on my kitchen balcony, trying to enjoy a home made cappucino from a sachet, which is proving difficult after enjoying milky coffees from cafes for the past two weekends. The air is fragrant and crisp, the courtyard is quiet and there is a light Autumnal mist hanging in the air.

I'm happy and inspired and I want this feeling to last all the way through to Monday... but with a 5.30am alarm call, I'm not sure it will :b

3 Letters

2 AS
1 EU