Friday, 28 May 2010


Ok, Ok, I've actually finished my reply letters to everyone. They've been sitting, ready to go for two days now, but I haven't yet plucked up the courage to venture to the Post Office and test my Italian skills. I know I'm being totally silly about this, I managed to get my Codice Fiscale and open a Bank account all by myself, but for some reason this is worrying me more. Maybe because I live in a tiny town here and it's all more personal and so I'd be known not only as the foreigner who wears dresses (apparently unheard of in Cameri) but also as someone who speaks bad Italian and made a fool of herself in the post office on friday?? Maybe I'm being too big headed to think these people will remember me, or maybe just too insecure. Anyway, I've resolved to go there in a bit, money and letters and translation in hand.

Also, I have my full Italian address now (although, still no key for the mailbox), so as soon as I get my key I'll post my address here if anyone wishes to write me in the next month or so, as I will probably be going back to the UK in July for a bit.

We're going to Torino this weekend and I have much cleaning and cooking to do before then... the life of a housewife is not as leisurely as I imagined!

Ciao for now xx

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