Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Incoming (from last week)

Here are my two incomings from last Wednesday...

A cute package from Costa Rica for the cookie matchbox swap. I love the way she packaged the matchbox and I got pretty ribbon And a cute little postie with a Tortilla recipe on the back :D

Here is the cute little matchbox. I love the little cookie-like stars.

And here is the recipe. I can't wait to make these, I love love love lemon flavoured things :D

I got a letter from the lovely Nicola. She said she replied quickly to me to make sure I got her good luck wishes before I flew to Italy. Bless her :)

She also sent me more tea :) And I love the stickers on the back, a cute little plane and a good luck mascott in the form of a hedgehog (or roly-poly as I like to call them.) I ♥ roly-polys

And that was that. I have 4 letters to reply to now, but I won't start writing until after my interview which is on Thursday 20th May. So apologies for the delay, but I've got lots of studying and such to do :(

I hope you're all enjoying beautiful mail days ♥