Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Matchbox Heaven! pt II

This little guy went out last Thursday. I didn't make the matchbox this time but used an empty one. The theme was black/white/silver/grey. I wanted to use some of my silver star stickers, but had already packed them by this point :(

Here is the outside. The white paper is actually the lining from the shoe box my bf's airforce ones came in. I thought it was pretty cool, so I snapped it up. The little heart is from polymer nail cane.

Here is what my partner will see as she opens up the little box of treasures.

And here are the goodies. Giant heart buttons, various beads made fo
rom glass, plastic and wood, some silver paper stars, some star beads and charms, two tiny bells, about half a metre of ribbon and a tea bag charm necklace made by me :)

I hope my partner likes it!

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  1. The tea bag necklace is great! I love tea these days :)

    I might have to do one of these little matchbox gifts at some point as well. They're such a great idea.

  2. Well you can have one if you like :) I love making matchboxes but I tend to leave it till the last minute and panic and do it all in one night. Ooops! It's lots of fun though :D