Tuesday, 4 May 2010

On my wishlist

I've been considering compiling a stationery wishlist for the purposes of a blog. This is terribly bad because I am a compulsive/impulsive spender. I don't save money very well. But I'm going to be good :) I promise!

While looking at dreamy things, I stumbled across this and now I really want it... like seriously. It would slip into my bag, allowing my to catch up on a letter at any given moment. In a coffee shop, on a lunch break, on a train, waiting for a plane the possibilities are endless. The beauty of it being that you don't have to ruin your pretty letter before it even goes into the post box because it's all protected by this leather loveliness!


They do other colours, but I like this pink one. It will look nice when pulled out of my light grey bag and I have a soft spot for pink things anyway. I'm sure I could find it cheaper, or even one that isn't leather, but oh how I long for a writing case now!

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