Friday, 7 May 2010


I got lovely post again today. I've been really impressed with Royal Mail recently, I received two postcards from the UK, one from Northern Ireland, that were only sent yesterday! Super fast ;)

This cool card from Belfast. The lovely swapper has a snake too and is soon to be getting a cat *jealous!*

Hello Kitty!! This came from the UK, my second super fast postie :)

A letter from the lovely Candi. There are absolutely no post marks on this, it's as if someone hand delivered from Australia. Also she put pretty things on the sheets she wrote on ♥

This was too cute not to share. I love cute little lady birds and the one and only stuffed toy I have from my other half is a ladybird :)

The contents of said package. I love that this swapper read my profile and sent me some foreign coinage. I love the interesting designs on foreign currency and have satrted a tiny collection. Also a notebook! (strangers are feeding my addiction, heee)

I'm not posting anything today. I'm concentrating solely on replying to my incoming letters (but some of them will have to come from Italy because I have to prepare for my interview) and watching Yojimbo which I started too late the other night and had to stop half way through.

I hope you're having a lovely friday and that the sun is shining on your part of the world xx

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