Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Outgoing (from last week)

These lovelies went out last week on Wednesday and Thursday, I'm glad I remembered to take pics ;)

This went to Austria for the 'Love my cat' swap. We had to send a pic of our cat, a letter about the cat or why we love cat and a cat themed goodie for our partner.

I sent two of these sets out, one to Norway and one to the States for 'Just a card and some Tea' swap. I know I seem to send these tea bags out a lot, but they are two of my absolutel favourites and I think everyone should try them because they are FAB!

Here is one of two sets of handmade envies sent to the US for the 'Handmade Envelopes' swap. I tried to go for a variety, so here we have a tube map, some printed craft paper, a map of the Tate Modern art gallery, two dolphins from a kids book on sea animals, an ad page from Motor Sport magazine (Nov 1964), a page from an old souvenir guide to the British museum and a picture page from an old National Geographic. I really liked them and had a hard time parting with them, hehe.

Here is the second set, again sent to the US. We have the printed craft paper, some killer whales, another ad page from Motor Sport mag, the Tate Modern Map, a page from the British Museum guide and a page form National Geographic. I wanted to send a Tube Map with this one too, but I didn't have any left :( I may just grab a massive handful next time I'm at a tube station so I always have a constant supply ;)

This went out for "Stickers Stationery and Notecards" Swap, to the US. I actually sent more than in the pic... I sent a sheet of Kawaii penguin stickers, two gliter pencils, one gold and one silver gel pen and a pack of mini erasers. The extra goodies were intended for my partners children. I hope it goes down well :)

And last, but by no means least, a letter to Darcy. I wonder if she's received it yet??

2 Letters
2 Cards
3 Packages

3 EU
5 NA


  1. Wonderful outgoing mail. I really love it. I wish I would get such nice mail as well.