Thursday, 6 May 2010

Incomings & Outgoings

I was a very lucky girl today. I got TWO more letters in the post, both with handmade envies *squee* Amongst other things which I will take great joy in showing you...


A lovely letter from Darcy. I love how she used tracing paper for the add labels. She also wrote on tracing paper which looked amazing :) Thank you ♥

My second letter of the day from the lovely Nicola. she included a bag of calming tea, which is just what I need right now, stressing about this job ♥

I got this pretty postie from Germany via postcrossing

And I got this awesome postie for a non-touristy swap. This is going on my wall :)

I also got all these goodies from a random envie swap. The ribbons are adorable and I love those push up pencils :)

I also got two packages, but they were things I'd ordered, so don't count. Although they were mega cute and also helped to make my day :D


These two were both going to the US for a 'Not from your Home' Postie swap. These are both from my lovely Caiti stash (As I call it) I hope they are well received.

This is a reply to the lovely Caiti herself. She's a cat lover, like me :)

This is my 'Getting Gummy' gummy package going to the states. There was also a pack of juicy fruit that didn't make it into the pic. This guy was so heavy it cost me over £5 to ship. Ouchie!

These three were all going to the UK as part of a UK postie swap. I adore those vintage style London postcards. It's so hard to part with them!

This is a postcrossing card to Finland

A postcrossing card to the US

A postcrossing card to China

A postcrossing card to the Netherlands

The back of the postie. I had to actually sit on the grass to try and draw those bluebells. The grass had just been cut and now I have a green bum! This postcrosser set a challenge to draw on the back of the card and the bluebells have been taunting me with their beauty for a while now, so I picked those to depict.

I say taunting because I've waited ages for them to blossom and they've been in bloom for a while but it's been so cloudy I can't take any pictures with my 35mm camera, but I got some today, so I hope they come out nicely!

I have three letters to reply to now and some envies to make for a swap. If I've been promising to write to you and you haven't received anything, I'm really sorry, but I'm so disorganised I keep leaving everything to the last minute and have no time to start anything new. SO... when I go to Italy (and after my interview) I'll have plenty of spare time to write to you ♥

1 letter
9 postcards
1 package

5 NA
5 EU
1 AS


  1. The back side of the last postcard it is such a beautiful thing, so original, very original! :)

  2. Thank you very much. I'm very insecure about my ability to draw so that means alot :)

  3. Really wonderful postcards. I love your gum swap. My best friend is making a blog about trying sweets and he would love such a package! I am sure he would be jealous when he sees that.

    You are really creative :)!

  4. The post has been pretty good since flights started running again here :) I will get a reply to you asap Darcy x

    Fabi, let your friend know if he wants to swap some sweets and gum to let me know, I'd be happy to!

  5. Bluebells are my favorite! We have a few in our yard now. I even had to move one when they put in the new fence. I was trying so hard to save the little guy. I hope it comes back next year where I planted it. Great drawing you did!

    I love the cat envelope! Can't wait to receive it :)

  6. "The grass had just been cut and now I have a green bum!"

    This line made me smile from ear to ear. :D

  7. hehe, well it was true ;)

    I'm glad I made you smile :D

  8. Caiti, I missed your comment earlier, oops!

    We have a tonne of bluebells in our garden that weren't even planted. my mum thinks they are a result of squirrels burying the bulbs during winter. They've kinda taken over, but it's cool because my mum hasn't done much planting over the past 3 or more years, so these are welcomed because they are so fantastic.

    I really want to go to a bluebell wood, but no card, no licence thing kinda makes it hard.