Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Incoming Outgoing

I'm sorry I didn't post this yesterday, I've been in the process of stressing out and applying for the most perfect job for me, ever AND it's in Italy. Anyway, due to lots happening yesterday (including managint to not read my letters until my work was done) I didn't get round to taking pics or posting about my mail, so this is a catch up post and I promise to be more regular :)

Today's Outgoings

An intro letter for a swap going to Hawaii

Two posties for a swap - Top 10 films - so I used flick mites to go with the subject :)

A Stuffen Envelope Package to the US inclusing a note book, ribbon, enbellishments, die cuts, note cards, textured paper and printed paper.

A Package for the 'Winner takes all' contest in a group I'm in on swap bot... ribbon, embellishments, tea, a little bag of goodies and that lovely textured paper.

Package 1 for random envies in Europe swap, this one was going to Norway. Again, stickers, embllishments, ribbon, notecards, posties, paper :)

Package 2 for the European Envie swap, this went to Switzerland, this one had kawaii memo papers instead of extra posties.

Package 3 for the European Envie swap - this one went to the Czech Republic. This lady got some printed paper instead of embellishments and tea and a hand made envie along with the posties, notecards, textured paper, ribbon, tiny bag full of goodies and stickers :)

Old Imcomings (I previously missed out of my posts somehow)

For the nude postie swap, from the US. I like how everyone was nervous about sending explicit things in the mail and my partner wrote on this that she liked the fact the oil paints covered the naughty bits.

This is for the swab bot name swap. I LOVE firefly and was really happy when I got this in the mail. My partner actually chose her name based on her love for Kaylee (from Firefly and pictured) and I think she's a great character :)

Yesterday's Imcoming

A letter from Caiti (yellow) and a card and letter from Julie, both coming from the states :) You should totally click on the pic to enlarge and check out Caiti's wonderful illustrations on the yellow envie, too sweet <3>

Todays Incomings

A Quotecard postie. I love that she made and wrote on the card before laminating it, so it withstood the postal service :) The quote is as follows:
"How wonderful it is that no one need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world" - Anne Frank

From the Huh? Postie swap. It shows shells collected from Florida nad they all have strange and wonderful names. My favourite is "Old Maid Curl"

This was a random envie swap I received today with some hello kitty memo papers, two winnie notecards, a really cute cat notecard, a couple of posties (only one in the pic) and a really cool pic my partner took of a beautiful iggy I reptiles :)

I entered a gum swap and got this AMAZING amount of bubble gum from Denmark this morning. Seriously, LOADS! I love trying gum and sweets from other countries, so this is fab for me.

This is by far my favourite packet. Camel Balls... really? As if you weren't sure enough, there is a pic of a camel with very large and prominent testicles just to make sure you got it. AWESOME! I'm totally keeping this hilarious package. I kinda dread the flavour too, so maybe the gum will be a keeper too!

Also, mega bum bums? The danes obviously don't know or care that a bum bum is an endearing term for your arse in the UK. I'm secretly hoping this means if I chew it everyday it will stop my bum from shrinking as I lose weight ;)

I got a little sad as I had to 'unwatch' some swaps on swap bot because I'm going to be in Italy for a while from next week. I guess it's for the best though... this is proving rather expensive. I guess when I move to Italy I'll probably just keep penpals and postcrossing going? I guess we'll see!

1 Letter
2 Postcards
5 Packages

5 NA
3 EU


  1. I got some "Bum Bums" sweeties today too!

  2. Nice pics! Where do you get your Kawaii stuff in the UK by the way? And good luck with the job app! (o:

  3. So many great items in those pictures!

    Also glad my letter arrived safe and sound. I'm happy you like my doodling! One of these days I'll cover the whole envelope :P

  4. Wow, so much cool stuff. I love the stuff you sent :)!

  5. hehe, bum bums!

    Thanks for the Luck with the job Jane :)

    Caiti, you do realise I'm now expecting full blown coverage on your next envie? ;)

    Fabi, I was so pleased with my mail, I love the generosity of people on swaps :)