Wednesday, 12 May 2010


I got post yesterday and today and was going to update tonight but just realised I already packed my camera... oops!

I will do proper updates within a few days, I'm flying to Italy tomorrow so there won't be any incoming posts for a while, but there should be a few outgoings.

I've got 4 letters to reply to, so if you haven't seen your letter here it will likely come from Italy. Also, if you've sent a letter recently you may not get a reply for about a month because I'm away for 3 weeks, so I apologise for the delay, but the letters you get when I come back will be great, I promise :)

I hope everyone is well and is having lots of yummy post!


  1. I've got a reply for you ready to be mailed out! Good luck in Italy! I hope you get the job!

    !!!!! <--- additional for emphasis :)

  2. Oh no, I won't get it for aaaaaaaaaaaaaages :'( (<-that's an extra sad crying face) But I guess I'll have it to look forward to. I would ask my mum to forward things to me, but I don't trust the Italian post, heh :)

    Thank you very much for the luck!! I'll keep posting as and when I can, so will let you know :D x

  3. Where are you staying in Italy? Hotel it up for three weeks??

  4. No, the bf is staying in a studio apartment in a town called Cameri, it's about 50km from Milan. It's small and not very well connected (neither of us drive) the last bus from Novara (the nearest city and also capital city of the region) to Cameri is at 8:30pm!!!! So early!!! But the apartment is ok and it's not far to get into Novara or Milano and we're slap bang in the centre of the town, so that helps, hehe