Monday, 24 May 2010

Promises, promises!

I had promised to get replying to letters last week, but with the impending interview doing things that brought me pleasure, also brought with them guilt. Now I am free and intend to spend this week catching up on all things mail related. This means there will likely be few updates on here, but I've scheduled a few posts on my personal blog if you want to see what I've been up to.

In the mean time I shall leave you with some beautiful stationery I've been lusting after...
(All images from here)

I have wanted this London notebook ever since laying my eyes on it at the National Gallery some time ago. Next time I go to London, I'm snapping it up!

Seeing as I live in Italy now, it's a perfect excuse to but this gorgeous notebook :)

This little beauty says 'Mail addicted' quite nicely. Perfect for the poor soul, who like me, is both mail and notebook addicted ;)

I saw this a while ago on papernation and would have bought it straight away if it weren't for my sickly bank balance. It's so cute and a steal at only £1.99

I love the simple, understated, yet beautiful style of this retro notebook. I. Must. Have. It!

I love simple patterns and designs and I just love these apples. It's so fresh looking and perfect for Spring. I'd smile while pulling it out of my bag. Everytime :)

I have a whole separate wishlist of notebooks and journals from this company (Design Doma). Their products are playful, beautiful and whimsical. Each page is adorned with a different pattern and picture. Notebooks like these are perfect for me, because each page is inspiration in itself. I want so many of these books, but my wishlist is on my laptop which is in the UK and is broken :( Just do a search and see how lovely they are. Design Doma also make letter sets and letter writing pads. Really pretty ♥

I hope everyone is still enjoying lovely mail and I will get your letters written asap. Again, anyone who has sent me a letter recently, I should be either going back to the UK next week, or my mum is going to bring some stuff (including mail) over to Italy soon :)

Oh and as soon as I have a reliable Italian address I'll be updating with everyone, I promise ♥


  1. I absolutely love finding neat notebooks. I usually get one for Christmas. It's just an easy/nifty gift that I'll love and they know it! I can't believe you're going to live in Italy though. From being American to Italian all in one year. 10 years ago would you have ever thought you'd be living in Italy someday? :)

  2. American?? I'm British :)

    10 years ago? Definitely not, 5 years ago? I don't think I would have believed it, but I may have dreamed it.