Monday, 3 May 2010

Matchbox Heaven

I promised to give you my matchboxes in more detail, and like the last post, I had hoped to get this done a day earlier, buuuuuut it's bank holiday today so no ingoing or outgoing post, so I'll keep you all interested with my little creations. (Click to enlarge (: )

Sushi Matchbox
The task was to creat or decorate a matchbox in a shushi theme and absolutely jam pack it with as many sushi themed things as you could. I also put some in a little bag, so the one I sent was more of a sushi goodie bag :)

The matchbox and other goodies. There are 2 sushi puzzle erasers and a little fish shaped soy container that I painstakingly filled with glitter.

This is the sight my partner will get when she opens it. I made the embelishments on the front of the box out of card and stuck them on. The roe ontop of the sushi are little plastic beads I sewed onto the card.

Here is the inside of the box. The lining is just paper, I drew all the little sushi themed pics and coloured them in with pencil. the outside of the box got a nice coating with PVA so it's shiny. (I kida didn't want to send it, I really liked how it came out!)

Here are the contents of the matchbox. There are lots of little scented sushi stickers, some smaller puffy sushi stickers, a sushi hair band, mini polymer sushi pieces, two little sushi badges and a hello kitty charm, which although is not sushi, sh'es half fish. that counts right?

What cute package would be complete without kawaii deco tape?

Cookie Matchbox
The idea behind this one was to decorate a matchbox, in the theme of your choice, to write out your favourite cookie recipe and fold it up and put inside. I decided I didn't want to just fold it and pop it inside, so I made my very first matchbox book.

As before, I made the little embellishments out of card and stuck them on, even the little individual cookies. I painted the background to the box.

This is the view when you open the matchbox :)

Here is the matchbox book all folded out. I wrote a peanut butter cookie recipe on it. Also, cute lucky donut sticker :)

The ribbon runs all the way along the back of the book, as you can see. I though it looked really pretty :)

I joined another matchbox swap recently. I may have become addicted... they are easy, cute, allow you to be creative, and for a lot of them, you don't have to spend money, unless you want to of course :) Matchboxes for the win!


  1. these are adorable! I was so excited to see this post because I always see 'matchbox swaps' and until now I really had no idea what they were or how to go about putting one together. I'm not sure I could create stuff this adorable (I love the little red beads you sewed on!) but maybe I will give it a try in the future :)

  2. That looks so cool, i'd be frightened to make a matchbox as it'd probably fall apart in the post!

  3. Zoe, I'll have to post a link to the template I got from swap bot, so you can make your own matchbox if you want. Don't worry about your efforts, I always think things are pants half way through, but they come out ok in the end, though they do tend to take on a life of their own :)

    Nicola, I hope mine don't fall apart! You can always use real matchboxes and cover or paint them. It's so much fun ;)

  4. The matchboxes are such a neat idea. I love it! I can't believe you crammed so much stuff in's insane! Really awesome though and I'm sure it's going to be so well received!

  5. It was really fun trying to arrange everything, I'm a bit of a compulsive packer, I can see the shapes clearly and plan ahead when I pack, from shopping bags to suitcases. I'm totally weird, I know :S