Tuesday, 31 August 2010

p.s. I'm Sorry!

I started training for work this week and I had forgotten how draining training is (hehe I'm a poet). So much information, total overload and my brain is fried. Add in 2 hours on the train each day, moving out and cleaning the Cameri flat, spending last weekend in Turin and I'm sure you can imagine... I'm exhausted.

So I apologise for lack of update recently.

I apologise for lack of outgoing mail to those who are expecting a reply.

I'm adjusting, it will take me a while to get used to working again after a year of unemployment. It will take a lot to get used to commuting, for the first time ever and let's not talk about having to get up at 5am (eep!), so please forgive me, it will take a couple of weeks for things to get back to normal on my end.

Thank you for your kind patience my lovelies :)


  1. Been there, exhausting indeed. Good luck on your adjustment! You'll do fine :-)