Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Why I love letter writing

Reason 1


I genuinely think the exchange of handwritten letters is magical. There is something so special about finding a letter on your doormat or in your mailbox, knowing someone from somewhere else in the world has taken the time to pick out stationery, has painstakingly filled pages of paper with their thoughtful words, has sealed and stamped the envelope with love (and if you're extra lucky decorated the envie too), has posted it with hopes of making you smile, touching your heart and is now patiently waiting for your beautiful reply.

When I read a letter I feel like I am receiving the special opportunity to peek into someone's soul, a letter says a lot about a person. The way they write, the subject matter, the questions they ask, they are all little glimpses into that person's personality and way of life, despite them never giving it a second thought.

I shan't go into the magic contained within the actual letter, that is another subject entirely.

But the joy of seeing that letter waiting for you to delicately peel, cut or tear open the envelope and share it's tiny spark of magic with you is fantastic.

And for me, imagining my own letters bringing my pen pals that little spark of magic, packed into the envelope many days and kilometres ago, makes me even happier.

Much happier.

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  1. I couldn't agree more. What a great post. There is, as you suggest, something so magical about letter writing and I share your fascination with it. Just the other day, a co-worker directed me to The Things Unsaid Project ( and I loved how the creators insisted on handwritten letters, not e-mails or texts. They're keeping the magic and so are you. Check it out!