Friday, 20 August 2010

A Wordy update.

I finally ordered stamps online. I ordered twice as many as I've bought enough to cover August and September's part of the 'budget'. I'm SO excited to receive them, I think they look fabulous, especially the 1Euro stamp, it's gorgeous. I'll be sure to post pics here when they arrive. EEEE!!!!

Budget you say?? Yes, well this is the sad part :( I need to start being more responsible with money, especially seeing as I don't get paid until the 1st of October, so all my money left over from my generous mother and my savings account will go on rent, food and my train pass (which will be over 600E for the year *gulp!*) so I've budgeted 25E a month on stamps.

This means that for all my lovely penpals out there, receiving letters may be a little slower than usual because I seem to have collected so many wonderful letter writing friends, I may only be able to send you a letter once a month. So please forgive me!

This may only be temporary, the budget is flexible because we have no idea what electricity or gas is going to cost us here. It's apparently way more expensive than the UK, but with both of us working full time (a new experience, haha) hoepfully we won't be using so much juice. So if I find that I've got money left over each month, you can bet it's going to one of two places: Savings or Postage costs.

I'm a little worried about post... I've been waiting for a pretty from Micaela for a while. I truly hope it isn't lost in the post :\ To be honest, with Ferragosto and the insane amount of people who take holiday in August (around 2/3rds of the country!) I should have been expecting this. Anything that is a little bulky or oversized seems to take 3 times as long to reach me. Waiting is pants!

Also, just a reminder to everyone who reads here, please don't send mail to my old Cameri address, despite pics showing up here to that address, I won't have access to the mailbox after next weekend, so it's a big fat no go :) Although, most people have been sending to the new mailbox, but there a a few stragglers (thanks to Ferragosto) and I'm worried I'm going to lose some post along the way :,( Maybe we can talk to Drago from downstairs and see if we can hijack his mailbox for a month?

I hope you all have a buon weekend and great mail days to come :D xx

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