Tuesday, 24 August 2010


Oops! I made a mistake!

^ That's my favourite saying at the moment. My mistake this time was judging everything here by English standards. I assumed my stamps would be processed and posted on Monday and so here by now, but no. Only today did I get an email insinuating, but not explicitly stating, that my order has been processed. It doesn't say it's been completed or dispatched, but I'm hoping they will arrive tomorrow. Fingers crossed eh?

I got so sick of waiting and as my pile of outgoing mail grew, I went to the post office, which is a mere 82 flip-flop steps away (they are smaller than normal steps for me) and bought a bunch to cover my outgoings for today and any letters I write in the next couple of days. It totalled 16E, so I'm going to deduct that amount from when I next buy stamps. Which shouldn't be until the end of October I believe.

Anyway, a few of these outgoings were posted yesterday, but the bulk of them went into the box this afternoon. Seeing as everything is still running on 'holiday time' here, they likely won't be picked up until tomorrow morning.

Warning... there are a lot of them ;)


On Saturday, we stopped at a Tabaccheria to fuel my filthy habit and we found postcards of NOVARA!!! WOW!!! So we picked up a couple, the top one is going to my mum and the bottom one is to our friend Michael, who we ALWAYS send posties to, whenever we go anywhere. Seriously... anywhere ;)

This letter is for the taboo topics swap, this time the theme was 'Weight'. I like how the envie came out, I addressed it well for once, and added some stickers ontop of the vine like plant and butterfly which came printed on the envie. It's a shame I had to get rid of most of the address :\

(The following are penpal-letters, shown in the order they were written. I tried to reply in the order I received them, and went by post marks if they came in a bunch)

This was a VERY overdue first letter to Gina.

Again, an overdue letter, in reply to Rachel's letter for my Kawaii swap held last month.

I wanted to show you the back of the envie because I bought a couple of Sakura glaze gel pens while in London and I used the white one on my airmail design. I LOVE how it came out :D

A reply to the sweet Sarah who recently returned from a trip to Europe, hence the London themed stationery :)

A reply to Julie in CA who is now the proud mother of 19 hens!!!

A reply to the wonderful Candi in Australia. She always writes me long letters and I try to send long ones back :)

This is one of the lovely notecards Elle sent me on it's way to Muriah. She's expecting her 2nd child and I can't wait to find out if it's a boy or a girl!!!

And finally a bit of Fairyland to my niece Niamh in Ireland. She was too cute to send a letter to my new mailbox (I believe the words my sister used to tell her how excited I was were 'She's wetting her knickers') so she gets this pretty in return :)

There were also a couple of packages for WTA winners from swap-bot, but I won't bore you with those!

Ok, WOW, this is a long post. Don't worry it won't be much longer ;)

As for incoming I got a letter from Miss Caiti last week, a bunch today including a letter from Megan, a Postie from Esme, a postie from Candi and an AWESOME stationery swap, BUT I have no pics... maybe tomorrow??

2 Postcards
8 Letters
2 Packages

1 AU
6 EU
5 NA


  1. Yay, I'm glad you found a use for the notecards. Thanks for the warning, but you don't need to worry about me: I can't get enough of mail-related goodies. Little red riding hood! I'm sure you're niece will love it.

    Funny about the Italian post, I'm currently reading Eat Pray Love (rather in a hurry, since I want to catch it in the theatres), and there's a part where the author was living in Italy and she was worried about these boxes of books that was shipped to her from the US about two months ago; hopefully I didn't increase your worry about this, but it seems that a lot of people are having trouble with this too.

  2. Of course I found a use for them, they are gorgeous :)

    And yes, the Italian mail system is notoriously slow and unreliable :\ I knew that a long time before we lived here and put off giving out my Italian address for that very reason. Most companies automatically upgrade your orders to registered mail if ordering from overseas (at a fee, of course) because so many orders go missing in Italy.

    Kinda sucks.

    I do hope the letter is just on a little adventure and not lost for good!!!