Friday, 13 August 2010


I had two lovely letters waiting for me in Cameri last night. AND a gorgeous Hello Kitty package for a swap. I haven't taken pics of the package as I'm still unpacking (only to repack again next week. sigh.) and haven't sorted out my camera yet.

But here are the letters... Incoming

A letter from Julie over in California and a lovely letter in a card from Muriah in Canada.

As you can see my nails are hideously long. I desperately need to cut them and it's on my to do list today. I can't stand how quickly they grow these days, I keep scratching myself and catching them on things and other people! I wish I were one of those girls who could keep long nails all pretty and manicured, but they just get in the way (and I think they make my fingers look fatter *ahem*).


After a long time looking for my stash of Italian stamps, I've decided some little gnome or monster has found them and eaten them, because they've just gone *poof* and vanished. This meant a traumatising trip to the post office where upon leaving, a group of teenagers refused to get out of my way and meant I accidentally boshed one of them with the brake/handlebar of my bike. I felt pretty bad (especially since my actual post office experience was pretty painless) but come on people! Don't try and be 'cool' and buck against the system by getting in other people's way and causing harm to yourself. That's just stupid.

But back to the post. I got some pretty awesome stamps today, one of which is on a swap envie I posted, but forgot to take a picture of today (D'oh!). When I get my camera up and running I'll be sure to share them :)

1 letter

1 EU

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