Monday, 9 August 2010


I've been pretty bad about updating here, I've been busy on and off, but moslty it's due to my guilt about not writing letters. I have 4 letters to reply to but I haven't put pen to paper for a while. Part of it is forgetting to bring pretty letter sets to the UK and then accidentally packing my left over supplies. Part of it is feeling guilty about packing. I haven't really done much packing. I've been a bit lazy about it all (ahem, as usual) and so don't feel I deserve to take time out to myself. I guess that hasn't really stopped me from benig online, or sitting in the sun as I am doing now, but guilt is a strange thing.

Anyway, I finally took pics of my 4 most recent incoming letters. I also posted two packages today, the giveaway goodies for Passion and a package to Micaela's brother Marco in Iraq. I did take pics of these on my mum's camera, but we can't find the cable so pics will have to wait. Possibly indefinitely.

But here is my incoming nonetheless

A letter from Ireland for a swap
A letter from the sweet Sarah

A letter from the lovely Candi waiting for me in London. You can't see it but the 10c stamp is of Maria Island!!

And a letter from the wonderful Nicola, waiting for me in London.

She included this awesome postie for me. This is totally me by the way. It shall be proudly displayed in our new flat, along with our other awesome postcards :) Thanks lovely!

I will get replies out to you all once I'm back in Italy with my wonderful stationery again. Yes, I'm a bit bonkers :)
I'm also really looking forward to checking my mailboxes. Although the thought of even more letters to reply to overwhelms me a little. I've never had so many outstanding letters before! Eek!


  1. I have posted you a letter but it probably wont get there for awhile, so it shouldnt be to overwhelming :-) I posted it to your new address.

  2. I'm SO excited to get mail at my new mailbox, you have no idea ;) And to have one from your lovely self is even better!

    I'm sure I'm just overreacting about the letters and they'll all have replies by the end of the week :)

  3. Lovely mail as always :)

    And of course I'll still make time to write to you and everyone else! I'm not the best email-correspondent though. I generally forget to email back and then forget, etc. etc. For some reason it's usually not that way with letters. I might have to take a few extra days, or even a week, but I always spend time writing back....and doodling if I can! :)

    *happy dance*