Wednesday, 1 September 2010


So, I've no idea as to why I am still awake at such a ridiculous time, considering I have to get up in around 5 hours. And as to why I am contemplating yet another cigarette is again, beyond me.

But no fear! I have insane black circles under my eyes, my brain is even more fried than yesterday and I keep accidentally slipping random Italian words into sentences and yet I have begun to write again :D Well, I finished one at least. One that I started, um, a week ago, added to over the weekend and only just finished... Shame on you Maria! But another part of me needs to be reminded that, for me at least, letters take on a life and shape all of their own. It's not my hand that moves the pen, it's my mind. Anyhow, enough blathering, before I start typing in Italian too!


WOOHOO!!!! Finally! I now know that Micaela's lovely letter and fabulous doily (courtesy of her mamma) are not lost forever in the Italian postal system, they are here with me at home! YAY!
Also, my niece is too cute, and has sent me another letter. (This stationery I actually bought for her older brother many years ago to write to me with. I got her some too, but it was girly ;)


I have these two lovelies waiting to go out. I don't want to promise that they will go out tomorrow, as I still have to add a little to one, but depending on the time I get home tomorrow (17:40 today - WOW - early!) I may be able to slip them into the letter box ;)


  1. I hope that your not feeling as frazzled soon enough. I haven't been writing as much as I have been ridiculously busy, but I think its best not to force letters, they come best when your in the mood for it.

  2. Eh, me too ;) Though today was better. I agree, forced letters feel forced to read. But I wrote a WHOLE letter tonight! I must be feeling better... or maybe it's the vino, hehe xx