Friday, 27 August 2010


I had two deliveries this morning. One was a package of stationery I had ordered from (part of my last kawaii sationery haul of the year) and the other was a letter from Audrey.

She covered it with beautiful stamps to the front

And endless amounts of sparkly tape to the back.

As if that wasn't enough she has filled this wonderful envie full of amazing goodies for me, including a photo of her and her bf, a gorgeous little cross stitched cat and foreign money!!! :D (I love to collect money from other countries, hehe).

Just WOW. As if the time to write and post a letter wasn't enough, I am gifted with such wonderful friends across the globe :)

I hope you all have great mail days and a fabulous weekend xx

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  1. hello maria nagy!

    would you like to have a pen pal? i like you to be my pen pal if it is ok with you. i'm 28 years old from the Philippines. please send me a message if you are interested. thanks. <3