Wednesday, 25 August 2010


I've been having lots of geeky fun organising my pictures of incoming and outgoing mail. The only problem is that I've noticed holes in my records :( For the incoming I can easily fill the gaps (which I may do today) but for my outgoing it's pretty sad :((

I am trying not to send repeat stationery for each of my penpals, so these records help, it's also nice to remember what went to who and when. But alas, there shall forever be some gaps in my records!

As promised, here are the missing incomings, pics in order of when they were received.


The gorgeous housewarming card from my Sister in London. It's so pretty it could go into a frame :)

A letter from Caiti, received at the end of last week. (Much love to you Caitlin)

A letter from Megan, received yesterday.

Packed with two awesome recipes I'm dying to try out :D

A scrummy postcard from Esme. I love that she thought of me, even though she's only written to me once (and I still haven't replied - OUCH! But it shall be written today, promise!)

And finally a kawaii swap parcel complete with these AMAZING letter sets.

AND this HUGE haul of memo sheets. This parcel was ace and I squeed a lot over it. My partner also managed to psychicly pick my favourite kawaii characters, even though they aren't stated on my swap-bot profile!

I didn't write any letters yesterday (I spent an eternity on the internet) but I'm hoping to write two today... anymore than that and I get very sleepy very early! Letter writing is taxing for lazy bums like me who haven't worked for a while ;) I have 5 in my 'reply to' pile, which is a great relief from the 10 I had this time last week!

I wish all you lovelies amazing mail days! xx


  1. Glad you got my letter :) I don't recall if everything happened before or after I wrote that. Either way - as always I'm glad it arrived safe and sound.

  2. Yes, safe and sound, unlike some other mail recently :(

    You should have a reply sent out within a week sweets :)