Monday, 16 August 2010

I was wonderfully surprised by a lovely haul of mail waiting for me in my new mailbox! Sadly some of the envies got a bit squished because the opening just isn't that wide, but luckily nothing was truly damaged.

A letter from my niece and a postie from Garci

A lovely long first letter from Esme in this cute handmade envie

This fantastic envie contained an equally great letter from Elle

And she sent me these gorgeous notecards, which I can't wait to use :)

I wrote two letters yesterday, replies to letters I received in Cameri before going to London. I was hoping to spend a lot of today writing too, but the bf's mum is coming to Novara to help me get our utilities changed over/activated. Well, she'll be doing it, I won't be able to do anything because my Italian still sucks!

I guess it doesn't really matter how many letters I write, because until I order stamps they ain't going anywhere :\ I'd better get onto that eh?

I hope you're all having great mail days today, there's nothing like a pretty mail gift to perk up a Monday! xx


  1. I just had spam today. Nothing nice. Which made me sad. Waiting for an important letter which would make me happy ;)! But it isn't here until now. Hopefully tomorrow...*cross my fingers*

    Your mail looks nice :)!

  2. Hello there, stumbled upon your blog. And yay! I'm glad you got the letter :-)

    Lots of mail goodies here; I can spend hours and hours just looking at all these mail goodies :-)

    Good luck with your Italian and I hope that everything goes well with the move :-)

  3. oh isnt mail fabulous!!! these are lovely :)

  4. Fabi, I loathe days when there is only spam in the mailbox. It's so sad! But in our new apartment we have a separate box outside for all the pubblicitá (adverts) so my mailbox there is either full or empty, no spam in sight!

    Elle, hello!!!! Thank you for the letter and goodies :D I'm a little behind with replies, but I will get there eventually. Thank you for the kind wishes too, I'll let you know how it's going on paper xx

    And yes, mail is FABULOUS!!! And I was so lucky to have such pretties waiting for me :)

  5. No worries about being behind. Take your time, that's why it's called snail mail ;-)

    Oh, and thanks for dropping by :-)