Friday, 16 July 2010


I hastily posted some letters yesterday morning as I bought some more Euros and topped up my oyster card before going to the Airport. I did take pictures of them, but ok my mum's camera as mine was packed and I ran out of time and didn't manage to upload them. Which is typical, because my flight was delayed by two hours, so I needn't have rushed :/ I'll have to get my mum or someone to forward them to me at a later date... Instead, here's a boring list of what I posted: A reply to Muriah in Canada, a reply to Candi in Australia and a suprise letter to someone in Italy. I also posted mundane things, a letter of great importance to the student loans company, my mum's credit card payment and I returned by very last love film disc

Letters from Zoe and Caiti

A lovely postcard and letter from Audrey
And 3 swap items... just draw, a stationery swap and the taboo subject letter
I've also been flying high because I spend a little too much money on stationery while in London.
You probably don't remember, but when I compiled this stationery wishlist, I said the next time I was in London I would treat myself to this notebook. Well, when I was faced with it, I had to decide whether I would rather have the London book or the Someday Diary by design doma. In the end I went with the someday diary and I'm writing a little in it every day to keep track of my first year in Italy. It's a splendid little book full of dreamy photos to keep me happy and inspired. Or happily inspired ;)

I hope that you all have wonderful things planned for your weekends. I'm going to Turin, where the forecast is said to be somewhat cooler than the 36 degrees expected for Milan tomorrow. This heat is really getting to me :(
Buon weekend ragazzi!
3 Letters
1 AU


  1. I love the idea of the tabboo letter, I dont know if I would be brave enough to actually do it. I just finished a letter to you, will pop it in the post on Monday :-)

  2. It was a really tough one to write, but it helped to know it wasn't a one sided exposure of private thoughts and feelings.

    Also YAY for Megan post :D