Monday, 26 July 2010


I feel a little sick today. I’m hoping it’s just hunger and not actual sickness. Last night the bf’s parents took us out for dinner and I ate some lovely seafood and drank a little too much Sicilian wine, which of course, forced me to sleep in. Today will be a lazy one (I hope) reading up on Reggio and planning for our move, which will be nuts.

Anyway, onto the post….



This little pretty came from Patty and arrived on Saturday morning. I was really excited because her return address had rubbed off from the front of the packet so it was a little mystery until I opened it. Thanks for the stationery Patty!!


I got pretty creative with sellotape on these envies because the stickers weren’t very sticky and the envies were a little waxy, so I didn’t want anything to fall off in transit. Overall I’m so happy with how they came out I’m sharing the front and back of each envie with you :)

S5033779 S5033780This one is going to Caiti, hers was unsealed at the time of photographing it because I’d promised to send along a poem that I forgot to include last time. This time, I remembered ;)

S5033773 S5033774

A reply to Audrey in Malaysia

S5033777 S5033778

A reply to Zoe in the States

S5033775 S5033776

A reply to a first letter from Kendra

S5033781 S5033782

A reply to a first letter from Elle


A postcard reply to Maike in Germany, who sent me a cute penguin postie to cheer me up when I was having some bad mail days :D (this postie was handmade by a swap partner, i love it!)

S5033869 S5033871

And finally a card for my Mum to cheer her up seeing as she’s incapacitated at home with her badly broken arm :( I wanted to take a picture of the card because it’s gorgeous, beautiful paper with raw edges and pressed flowers, but silly me sealed the envie without snapping it :(

I’m going to drop these off at the post office later today, so the recipents should have their little envies within a week. I hope.

I’m going to go and check the mailbox now… even if it’s empty, today is a good mail day because these letters and envies I worked so hard on will start their journey to the hands of their deserving recipients :)

EDIT:// eeeeeeeeeeeeeep!!!! I just checked the mailbox and today is a fantastic mail day! Will share tomorrow, I promise xx

5 letters

1 card

1 postcard

1 AS

2 EU

4 NA


  1. All the outgoing mail looks so lovely! I can't wait for some of this darn remodeling to be done! I try to focus mostly just on the letters themselves these days and not worry about how the envelope looks...though I try to make them interesting, but don't always have time. I love the blue envelope! Also looking forward to reading that poem! ;P

  2. As you know, I normally use patterened envies, so haven't really worried too much about them either, but this letter set I bought came with plain envies and address labels and stickers, so I got creative and I really enjoyed it. How long it will last, no one knows ;) I seem to get creative in fits and starts. As for the poem, you probably know it :P I included another for your enjoyment... and for Mr Engingeer. hehe xx