Thursday, 22 July 2010


Ok, it looks like there won't be an outgoing mail post today :( BOOOO!!!!

I have to go back to Milano to pick up my translated degree, then we are going to Torino tonight to pick up one of the rent receipts because the idiot landlord is claiming we still owe him a month's rent which is complete rubbish.


So I have a bus, a wait, a train, a tram, another tram, another wait, another train, another bus then tidying up at home and getting some food together because we won't have time for dinner before we have a bus, a wait, a train, a walk to the flat, a walk back to the station, another wait, antoher train and finally a 20Euro taxi home. If we're lucky we'll make it home by 10:30, if not then it will be 11:30.

I'm not looking forward to this... :(

Also, my mum has been in hospital because she fell and badly broke her arm. I wanted to call yesterday but they kept her in for another night, so I'll have to make do with a phonecall from the train this evening. Assuming they let her go home. I hope we manage to get decent trains. With air conditioning, clean seats and empty carriages.

Wish me luck!

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