Tuesday, 6 July 2010


I've been more than awful about charging batteries for my camera. The charger was in a suitcase I hadn't unpacked from getting back from France two weekends ago *shame* so this pic is overdue!

This wonderful little postcard of joy was sitting in my mailbox on saturday. It was totally unexpected and had me grinning for ages, thank you so much Maike!!

I also wanted to show you the beautiful stamps gifted with the postcard. I love looking at stamps from other countries. Sadly the lady at the post office has been using metered mail stickers lately... and then complaining that I haven't left enough space for the HUGE sticker, when she could just use a freaking stamp and there would be plenty of room. If only I could argue in Italian.

I've had in my possession 3 letters that were written last Thursday and Friday, but lack of cash and energy prevented me from posting them until today. I took a couple of pics before I went out this morning but my batteries were pretty much dead and I managed not to get macro shots, so they are terribly out of focus and do no justice to the letters whatsoever. So, no picsture I'm afraid :( I can tell you that there were 4 letters in total, 1 reply to the sweet Sarah and 3 mystery letters... wooO0Ooo!

4 Letters

4 NA


  1. I love that German stamps, but they are sold out online and as I buy my stamps online only, I can't buy them anymore :(! Maybe I should go to the big post office and see if they have them...I would love them so much.

    Nice card ;)!

  2. You should go and have a look! They are really nice :)