Tuesday, 27 July 2010


These beauties were found in my mailbox yesterday morning. I was super excited to receive not one, but TWO items. Two lovely gifts of postal happiness and I was a very good girl by not opening them straight away, but waiting until everything was done so I could sit down and enjoy them properly. Much love to the senders x


The adorable little letter was from Megan and was a joy to read :)


A package from Micaela, I worried about it reaching me to no end.


Fawns! How did she know I love fawns?


And the contents were darling, a really funky little ring that I wore yesterday (and that fit perfectly on my favourite finger to wear a ring), a quirky notebook with handwritten note inside and an absolutely beautiful vintage handkerchief. And of course, a wonderful letter, that was again, a real joy to read.

Thank you both for making my day :D

Yesterday I wrote two letters and will likely write one or two more today, but I shan’t post them until I have packed and sent a swap. Which should happen today or tomorrow.

I’m a little apprehensive about visiting my mailbox today… how could there possibly be any treasure awaiting me after yesterday’s haul?

Also, I should have some definite news about my address by tomorrow evening and shall update that with you all here.

Take Care my lovelies x


  1. hurray!!! i was SO worried about it getting to you too. I know it's NOTHING compared to the AWESOMENESS you sent my way, but i'm so touched by your sweet words :)

    it made MY day ;)

    lots of love

    can't wait to hear from you and yes, things are def. sunnier this way! Thank God.

  2. You can't compare gifts, all are wonderful when they show time, effort and care has gone into them. And yours was truly wonderful.

    I'm glad things are on the up my love. Your reply should be in the post tomorrow x

  3. So glad my letter arrived! Love the little gifties Micaela sent you.