Friday, 30 July 2010


There was a lovely little package sticking out of my mailbox this morning. Most of the non-letter post I get is either too fat or too stiff to slip into the mailbox so it ends up sticking out, into the street and I have to bare my tired looking face (and pj's usally) to the world to retrieve my mail, heh.

The package was delightful, a really thoughful swap parcel that I'm so grateful to receive! Have a look...
Everything was packed into this adorable little bag.

And here are all the bits, some journalling tags, some candy in a HK tin, a delightful selection of tea and a wonderful poem.

My partner even wrote her little note to me in this adorable card. It's definitely me :)
This was for the scavenger hunt swap, we listed 6 themes of items we'd like to receive and our partner picked 3 to send us. Mine were something cute, something wordy, something paper, something animal, something kitchen, something red and I got ALL OF THEM! The return address label even had a cat on it :) This has restored my faith in swappers, I really loved everything here and will be sure to share the poem with you all in another post. It's wonderful. Thank You Lisa! x

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