Friday, 23 July 2010

Blog Award Time

The lovely Fabi tagged me for this award and the rules are that I tell you 10 facts about myself and pass it along. I'm no good at nominating people, so I nominate ALL the bloggers who follow this. I tag you all with this lovely award and challenge you to tell the world 10 facts about YOU :D

  1. I am the youngest of 3 daughters, the eldest is 13 years older than me, the middle one is 10 years older than me. I am technically the product of irresponsibility and incorrect medical advice. My dad used to say I was their love child, but it took me many years to understand what that meant.
  2. I have three tattoos. A star on my wrist, an Ankh on my inner left forearm and a fantastic gecko on my back. Each of them holds a special meaning for me and I don't regret any of them. Although I do wish I'd placed the ones on my arms in less conspicious places.
  3. I have a fear of falling. I can't stand walking over grating or glass panels and I get really dizzy walking down 'new' stairs. Oh and escalators. I irrationally believe I'm going to fall through/down with every step. But I'm working on conquering that fear.... slowly but surely.
  4. I used to have recurring nightmares that the Terminator was trying to kill me and my family. They would always end in my mum's house where I'd stupidly run into a bedroom with no way out. I would always wake up just as he got to the bedroom door.
  5. I spent an amazing 3 weeks in Africa in 2008. We took a tour of Namibia and spent 3 days in Botswana. It was one of the most amazing experiences of my life so far. I will never forget seeing the milky way in all it's glory like a belt across the sky, nor the 15 minutes we spent following a leopard through the bush in the cold mist of the morning. In fact there are a thousand different memories (and over 1,000 photos) I want to share with you... maybe another time?
  6. When I was in my teens I was dead set against marriage, but wanted 4 children. Now I'm ok with the idea of marriage, but not sure if I want children anymore...
  7. I am half Hungarian and am in love with Budapest. If you ever have the chance to go, please do. It's a beautiful, enchanting city. Unfortunately it's become much more 'mainstream' and western since the early 90's, but there are still wonders to be found. Especially the Christmas and Easter market in Vörösmarty tér. And the view from the top of Gellert hill is magnificent. Oh and go and have a soak in one of the many thermal baths. One day I will own a flat there and spent my weekends relaxing in the water from hot springs and eating too much sour cream on my stuffed cabbage, hehe
  8. Just before I went into hospital many years ago a friend wrote to me and said that if the lit end of your cigarette becomes pointy, it means someone is thinking of you (...and that would be her), it's one of the myths that I still hold to my heart, even now. Sometimes I hope that it's her thinking of me. We lost touch some years ago... (And yes, I smoke :\)
  9. I tend to have very deep, intense, but short lived friendships. I have lost so many friends along the way that it makes me terribly sad inside to think of them. I am determined not to lose anymore, so forgive me if I seem distant sometimes, it is because I am trying to stop our friendship from burning out too quickly.
  10. My favourite alcoholic drink is Mead. If I get married I am taking a month off work and ordering several barrels of mead to keep the tradition of the honeymoon. A month of mead, that's my kind of holiday ;)

I hope you've enjoyed my little snippets. I'll really enjoy reading yours, so please, join in! :)


  1. Oh, I LOVE mead. We have a bottle of it in the fridge :)! I guess I should drink it with Torsten this weekend :)!

  2. Think of me when you drink it ;)

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